This is Me: AV

I’m a sweater guy.  I have warm sweaters, sensitivity sweaters, dress up sweaters, and poker sweaters.  I like to keep things simple, so the big daily decision isn’t what I’m going to wear, it’s what sweater I’m gonna have on over it!  I love my family, photography, dirt bikes, jumping and the outdoors.  I’m quirky, I love life, and I laugh a lot even when I’m by myself… this is me!

Life, photography, and everything in-between is all about the experience to me.  It’s the best when perfect composition and lighting come in line with the perfect moment, but I will choose the moment over perfect exposure any day.  Genuine smiles, laughs, tears, sighs of adoration… that’s what I’m searching for, that is why I shoot, that is my reward.  When I look at a wedding picture, I don’t ask myself if the highlights are blown out or the shadows too dark… I ask myself how I feel.  I remind myself of the story and the moment.  When I give a bride an image of herself being walked down the aisle, I want her to remember… I want her to feel that same moment all over again.  I want to see tears well up in her eyes as her pulse quickens and her palms begin to sweat.  I enable her to relive a moment in time, remember her excitement and her joy, the feeling of almost jumping out of her skin in the sheer euphoria of the moment.  That experience… that is why I shoot.  That is my reward!